Elizabeth leads creative writing workshops in schools, libraries & prisons.

           Her trapeze writing program aims to grab hold, let fly & nail the landing. 


She has worked as a writing mentor for incarcerated writers, a ghostwriter for investigative reporters & entrepreneurs, and a publication consultant for memoirists & self-publishers.                                                            
She welcomes new opportunities to work with writers of all ages.

Trapeze Writing

"All high schoolers should benefit from visits with authors like Elizabeth, who speak to them as the sophisticated and exciting youths they are."   -  Becca Worthington, Association of American Publishers, Adopt-a-School

"Spectacular! Her workshops are extremely popular and the children  leave happy and inspired."  

-  Jana Harrison, Keats Community Library 

"I am very grateful for Elizabeth's work to teach my inmates a different way to express themselves. Her time here was a powerful moment "   -  Carmen Gonzalez,

A Road Not Taken, Riker's Island